About Us

1.2. Information and Technology

PortalandPeople invests in technologies to support communication, service management, workflow management, automation, assets and inventories management, knowledge management, analytical, etc, including all the information created, stored, managed, and used by the PortalandPeople while delivering the Service Desk.

1.3. Partners and Suppliers

PortalandPeople works very closely with our Partner and external Suppliers in providing support services to the End-users. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities and well-coordinated service relationships will ensure a smooth and efficient support service delivery.

1.1. Value Streams and Processes

PortalandPeople adoptes, defines and continuously reviews the following essential work practices and processes to deliver efficient and effective support services to the End-users. These practices determine how different components within PortalandPeople, together with our Partner, 3rd-party Suppliers and End-users, work together to achieve the intended objectives and values.
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