One of our goals is to enable an eco-system for our partners in achieving one or more of the following business propositions:
  1. Provide a suite of services where partner can leverage to increase their offering portfolio.
  2. Offload partners in the overhead to maintain their 24×7 service desk commitment to your clients.
  3. Strengthen partners’ existing BPO setup with wider coverage and more scalable resource pool.
We value collaboration and understand the challenges of managing Level 1 workload. Partnering with us can help you optimize your operations, enhance client satisfaction, and grow your business.

Why Partner with Us?

Offload Level 1 Workload: We specialize in providing top-tier Level 1 support. By partnering with us, you can confidently offload this workload, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Personalization & White labelling: Our BPO services are transparent to your clients. With our White labelling & personalization options, your clients will see us as part of your organization.

Quality Assurance: Our experienced team ensures that every interaction with your clients reflects your commitment to quality. Each query will be responded according to the standardized knowledge base. We handle each query with professionalism and accuracy, maintaining the standards you uphold.

Scalability: As your client base grows, your support needs may expand. Our partnership offers scalability, ensuring that you’re equipped to meet increasing demands without compromising service quality.

Time and Cost Savings: By collaborating with us, you can reduce the resources and expenses associated with managing Level 1 support internally. This translates to cost savings and improved efficiency, especially in today’s high cost & low retention rate situation.

Customized Solutions: We understand that your business is unique. Our partnership offers flexibility to tailor support solutions that align with your business model and client base.

Partnership Process

Consultation: We start with a consultation to understand your needs and goals. This helps us develop a support strategy that aligns with your business.

Service Onboarding: Our team works closely with you to onboard the services & define the knowledge base that fit your service offerings and client expectations.

Integration: We seamlessly integrate with your existing processes and systems, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity for your clients.

Ongoing Collaboration: Our partnership is a journey, not just a transaction. We maintain open communication and regular reviews to ensure our collaboration is mutually beneficial. More important we plan ahead to prepare for your business expansion.

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